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Palm Head(early 1980s) Price on request

Artist: Edward Chiwawa
Type of Stone: Serpentine
Dimensions: 53cm (H) x 27cm(W) x 16cm(D)
Weight (Kg): 45 estimate

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This sculpture is part of a private collection of 35 sculptures purchased in the early 1980s from Tengenenge Art Gallery from the First Generation Artists. Our client is willing to consider all serious offers on individual pieces or the collection as a whole.


This piece was acquired in the early 1980’s from Tengenenge Art Village in Zimbabwe directly from Tom Bloomfield and was subsequently loaned to the Zimbabwean Embassy in Japan, for a long-term exhibit at the Tokyo Okura Hotel. This is an outstanding piece from an artist that was largely responsible for encouraging the Shona sculpture movement to use harder stones.


This is piece has been verified by the Tengenenge Art Gallery as being authentic and is supplied with a signed certificate by Dominic Benhura, the now director at Tengenenge.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Edward Chiwawa Born 1935. Edward is and continues to sculpt as one of the first generation artists. At 101 years old he still continues to produce sculptures and following his passion of a lifetime. He continues to sculpt having been there from the beginning. His works have been exhibited through the globe and can be seen in National Galleries. Most of Edward’s pieces are expressions on round faces, which makes this piece particularly unique.


We are currently looking for collectors who may wish to buy this piece and are open to all serious offers.


Freephone 0800 772 3253 or message us.