Giraffes Feeding

African Masters of Stone

  • Step into our gallery and behold the magnificent Giraffe Sculpture! Marvel at Africa's iconic creature, brought to life in stone. Discover fascinating facts: four stomachs, lightning-fast sprints, and unique spot patterns. Carved from Soapstone, its details astound, its finish inviting touch. Each stroke etched with care, celebrating the giraffe's grace. A masterpiece in raw stone, waiting to adorn your space with elegance and wonder.

  • ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Many of our sculptures originate from small and sometimes rural sculptor communities in around the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. This particular piece originated from a small community based in the suburb known as Chitungwiza where typically 10-12 artists work together to produce these fantastic pieces of art. It is our vision to see these small communities thrive buy providing a platform on which their sculptures can be sold.

  • Height: 32cm

    Width:    25cm

    Depth:    10cm

    Weight:  3.5kg

    Stone: Soapstone

  • (Please note the sculpture you will receive will not be exactly the same as the one depicted in the photos. Each sculpture is unique so therefore will have variations of patterns on the giraffes but for all intent and purposes are of the same likeness in form) To proceed with purchasing this item simply "add to cart" above and follow the instructions. Shipping rates are calculated in the checkout before confirming purchase.

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