Large Tapered Slate

African Masters of Stone

  • The attractive grey, brown and copper tones of our Slate plinths act platforms to present your statement sculpture. These substantial plinths have all the strength, durability and character you would expect from real stone. The look is natural but smart, and with their simple squared shapes they suit contemporary and traditional gardens equally well. Slate has a naturally uneven surface, and differences in tone and texture mean each pot is individual.

    Each plinth comes with a pin and bracket clamp so that the sculpture can be pinned. A concrete resin can be applied to the pin so that the sculpture can be permanently set. Providing stability for the sculpture and acting as an effective theft deterrent.

  • Not Applicable

  • Height: 60 cm

    Base for standing sculpture: 20cm x 20cm

    Standing Base: 40cmx40cm

    Stone: Slate

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