William Chewa

  • ‘Memories’ is a contemporary abstract stone sculpture that is inspired by expressions of relationships and the affection between two subjects. This stunning hand-carved African statue is produced from Lemon Opal Serpentine stone. This piece is one of our large garden statues and would make a striking garden feature.

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    While depictions in African stone sculptures may repeat, the patterns in the Serpentine stone cannot be replicated, making each large garden statue unique. The artist carves the stone using a diamond tipped chisel. It is then sanded for hours through varying degrees of sandpaper until smooth. The sculpture is then heated and a polish is melted into the stone. Finally it is buffered to leave a wonderfully tactile surface, almost irresistible to touch.

  • William Chewa as with many of our artists started sculpting at the age of 13. His origins are from Guruve and he was taught to sculpt by his parents. He is particularly interested in the bonds between family and couples. He currently resides in Harare working alongside his brother.

  • Height 90cm Width 40cm Depth 40cm Weight 70kg Stone Lemon Opal Serpentine

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