The Cheetah Coalition

African Masters of Stone


  • The Cheetah is the fastest land animal on the planet. Recording speeds of up to 70mph (112kmph)! Covered in nearly 2000 spots it taller and slender than its nearest cousin the Leopard. This delightful sculpture depicts a group of  cheetahs known as a coalition , normally made up of brother who will hunt together but here in this sculpture are depicted playing on the fallen remains of a dead tree. Hand carved from Soapstone, this would make a unique addition to a cat lovers collection.

    Perhaps the perfect ornament to fill that special space. Or maybe a different kind of gift for that special someone or occasion. The sculpture is suitable for inside or outside the home, requiring minimal care.

  • ABOUT THE ARTIST: Many of our sculptures originate from small and sometimes rural sculptor communities in around the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. This particular piece originated from a small community based in the suburb known as Tengenenge where typically 10-12 artists work together to produce these fantastic pieces of art. It is our vision to see these small communities thrive buy providing a platform on which their sculptures can be sold.

  • Height: 12cm

    Width:    6cm

    Depth:    3cm

    Weight:   2kg

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