Fair Trade

It is our privilege to represent some of the most talented and upcoming sculptors of the Shona Sculpture movement. In purchasing one of our sculptures you will be ensuring the artists receive the money to maintain a sustainable income. African Masters of Stone are committed to ensuring that the sculptors receive both the recognition and financial reward that their work deserves. It is our policy that all our Artists receive a fair price for their work.

Ethical Trade

African Masters of Stone have developed personal and working relationships with our artists. When you purchase a sculpture from our site you are helping towards providing a stable and sustainable income for our artists. Although we work closely with many well known artists, it is our aim to provide a platform on which upcoming talent can be displayed. Start your search today by viewing our Abstract, Bantu and Savannah collections.

Investing in Local Communities

During one of our trips to Zimbabwe we came across a sculpture park which once was home for more than 30 artists. Due to the Aids epidemic only three of these artists are alive today. As a result of this experience we feel compelled to make financial contributions in aiding organisations working towards eradicating such diseases.