Black Rhino

African Masters of Stone

  • Step into our whimsical realm and behold the mesmerizing Rhino sculpture, a marvel carved from the finest Dolomite stone. Gaze upon its enchanting form, alive with iridescent minerals that dance in the sunlight. Feel the smoothness of its surface, a testament to the artist's meticulous craftsmanship. Each stroke of the diamond-tipped chisel unveils a unique pattern, impossible to replicate. Hours of sanding, polishing, and buffing yield a tactile masterpiece that begs to be explored. Let its sparkle and shimmer ignite your imagination, a playful ode to nature's artistry.

  • ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Many of our sculptures originate from small and sometimes rural sculptor communities in around the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. This particular piece originated from a small community based in the suburb known as Chitungwiza where typically 10-12 artists work together to produce these fantastic pieces of art. It is our vision to see these small communities thrive buy providing a platform on which their sculptures can be sold.

  • Height: 17cm

    Width: 37cm

    Depth: 12cm

    Weight: 8kg

    Stone: Dolomite Stone

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