John Chewa

  • ‘Creations’ is a large stone statue. Hand-carved from extremely hard Leopard Stone. This stunning hand-carved African statue is produced from hardest of Serpentine stones. This piece is one of our large garden stautues and would make a striking garden ornament.

    For our large scale African stone sculptures African Masters of Stone offers:

    In-person appointments

    Safe personalised delivery


    Follow up care

    While depictions in African stone sculptures may repeat, the patterns in the Serpentine stone cannot be replicated, making each large garden statue unique. The artist carves the stone using a diamond tipped chisel. It is then sanded for hours through varying degrees of sandpaper until smooth. The sculpture is then heated and a polish is melted into the stone. Finally it is buffered to leave a wonderfully tactile surface, almost irresistible to touch.

  • John Chewa is one of our leading Shona artists. He currently resides in Chitungwiza on the outskirts of Harare. We have displaying his works for a number years now having built a consistant and reliable working relationship.

  • Height:102cm Width:54cm Depth:35cm Weight: 90kg Stone: Leopard Stone

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    In most cases we will deliver in person. In addition we would advise installing the sculpture for you. Please get in touch to discuss. 

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