Family of Three

African Masters of Stone

  • The polished and unpolished surfaces of this sculpture make it very tactile. The artist has used predominantly Springstone for the bodies and the heads are carved from green serpentine. Springstone is the hardest of the stones used by the Shona sculptors. In fact, so hard, that the artist uses a diamond tipped chisel. It is then sanded for literally hours through varying degrees of sand paper until the artist reaches 2500 grade sand paper. The sculpture is then heated and a polish is melted into the stone. Finally it is buffered to leave this wonderfully tactile surface.

    Perhaps the perfect ornament to fill that special space. Or maybe a different kind of gift for that special someone or occasion. The sculpture is suitable for inside or outside the home, requiring minimal care.

  • ABOUT THE ARTIST: Wellington Karuru

    Born on August 17, 1976-2014, Wellington Karuru is the first born to a family of five children and has two brothers and two sisters. Both his brothers, Gilbert and Esau, are also talented sculptors.

    As the first born child in a Zimbabwean family, a lot of responsibilities were shouldered upon Wellington. He completed his primary and secondary education in Mashonaland West Province and was involved in almost every sporting activity at the school. After he graduated, he was employed at National Foods LTD. where he worked as a machine operator for a period of four years and was later promoted to work as a sales clerk. In his free time he assisted some well-known artists in sculpting and was able to learn much from them. Soon thereafter he started to develop his own talent and unique style.

    Inspired by well known sculptors such as Gardener Sango and Garison Muchinjili, Wellington started sculpting small pieces for himself and soon found a buyer for his favourite piece titled ‘A Cry For Help’. From that day forward, he has never looked back. He eventually went to work with Garison Machinjili whose influence is clearly shown in his work. Some of his pieces were chosen already for international exhibitions and galleries.

  • Height: 35cm

    Width:   20cm

    Depth:     5cm

    Weight:  25kg

    Stone: Springstone

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