• Introducing a unique garden sculpture, hand-carved from springstone in Zimbabwe, now on display in our gallery. This exquisite piece, created by a talented local artist, draws profound inspiration from the lush horticulture of his native region.

    The sculpture's smooth, flowing lines and organic forms echo the natural beauty of Zimbabwe's flora, transforming robust springstone into an elegant testament to nature's resilience and grace. The artist's deep connection to his environment is evident in every meticulously crafted detail, inviting viewers to explore and engage with the sculpture's tactile surfaces.

    Perfect for any garden or outdoor setting, this piece blends seamlessly with natural surroundings, adding a touch of sophistication and a unique narrative to your space. Experience the harmonious fusion of art and nature with this exceptional spring stone sculpture, and let it inspire and captivate all who behold it.

    For our large scale African stone sculptures African Masters of Stone offers:

    In-person appointments

    Safe personalised delivery


    Follow up care

    While depictions in African stone sculptures may repeat, the patterns in the dark stone cannot be replicated, making each large garden statue unique. The artist carves the stone using a diamond tipped chisel. It is then sanded for hours through varying degrees of sandpaper until smooth. The sculpture is then heated and a polish is melted into the stone. Finally it is buffered to leave a wonderfully tactile surface, almost irresistible to touch. Enquire today on 0800 772 3253 or get in touch by email,

  • Goshomi is one of our leading artists. Living in the region of Harare , Goshomi sources his stone from the Great Dyke and Tengenenge, the area from which Shona sculpture originated. 

  • Height 60cm                                                                                                  Width 50cm                                                                                                  Depth 10cm                                                                                                  Weight 35kg                                                                                                  Stone Springstone


    Option One. We understand it can be difficult to get a sense of perspective  and being able to visualise how the sculpture will look in your garden. (You may have several ideas of where it would fit). Many of our customers have benefitted from a personal appointment. There is nothing like sensing the sculptures in person. That way you can be certain that the sculpture is right for you. Enquire today on 0800 77232 53 or get in touch by email. Option 2 Your shipping fees are calculated in the checkout. For UK garden sculpture destinations, we charge a flat rate of £150 which includes delivery & installation.


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