Antelope - Tenyson

African Masters of Stone

  • "Behold! A mesmerizing abstract antelope sculpture, handcrafted from mesmerizing Serpentine stone. Its captivating lilac hue, adorned by natural mineral patterns, invites both gaze and touch. Each stroke of the diamond-tipped chisel carves uniqueness into its form, while meticulous sanding, ascending through countless grades, yields a velvety texture. A final heating infuses polish into its surface, culminating in a tactile masterpiece. Unlike any other, its color and texture promise an immersive sensory experience, inviting exploration and admiration. Indulge your senses in this radiant sculpture, where color meets touch in a symphony of artistic expression."

    Perhaps the perfect ornament to fill that special space. Or maybe a different kind of gift for that special someone or occasion. 

  • Tenyson as with many of our artists started sculpting at the age of 13. His origins are from Guruve and he was taught to sculpt by his parents. He is particularly interested in the bonds between family and couples. He currently resides in Harare working alongside his brother.

  • Height: 24cm

    Width:  24cm

    Depth:  12cm

    Weight:  4.5kg

    Stone: Serpentine

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