Elephant & calf (semi-precious Verdite)

African Masters of Stone

  • Step into our vibrant gallery and behold the exquisite African Elephant & Calf sculpture! Crafted from lustrous verdite stone, it's a tactile marvel, inviting you to caress its smooth surface. Each stroke reveals the stone's unique patterns, impossible to replicate. Carved with precision using diamond-tipped chisels, it undergoes meticulous sanding and polishing, unveiling its radiant hues of green. In the dance of light, hidden minerals within sparkle and shimmer, adding enchantment to this exceptional piece. A testament to artistry and nature's splendor, it's a treasure to behold and touch, a symphony of texture and color.

  • ABOUT THE ARTIST: Many of our sculptures originate from small and sometimes rural sculptor communities in around the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. This particular piece originated from a small community based in the suburb known as Tengenenge where typically 10-12 artists work together to produce these fantastic pieces of art. It is our vision to see these small communities thrive buy providing a platform on which their sculptures can be sold.

  • Height: 16cm

    Width:  24cm

    Depth: 11cm

    Weight: 5kg

    Stone: Verdite

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