Owl - Rumano

C Rumano


  • Behold the mesmerizing allure of our Fruit Serpentine Owl Sculpture! Carved with masterful precision, it exudes elegance with its smooth, tactile surface that begs to be caressed. Delicate veins of minerals weave through its form, creating a symphony of colors that dance in the light. From the rich greens to the earthy browns and fiery oranges, each hue tells a story of nature's artistry. This enchanting piece is a testament to the beauty found in the depths of the earth, a captivating addition to any collection that will leave you spellbound with its charm.

  • ABOUT THE ARTISTS : Many of our sculptures originate from small and sometimes rural sculptor communities in around the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. This particular piece originated from a small community based in the suburb known as Tengenenge the home and origins of Shona sculpture. It is our vision to see these traditional communities to continue to thrive.

  • Height: 35cm

    Width: 15cm

    Depth: 10cm

    Weight: 10kg

    Stone: Fruit Serpentine

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Collections: African Animal Sculptures, Birds

Category: Birds

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