Floral Whirl

John Chewa

Step into our gallery and experience the breathtaking beauty of 'Floral Whirl' – an extraordinary garden sculpture that will captivate your senses. Crafted from the extremely hard and tactile Leopard Stone, this stunning African sculpture has been masterfully hand-carved by the talented artist John Chewa in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The serpentine stone used in creating this contemporary sculpture is the hardest of its kind, and the resulting piece is a testament to Chewa's remarkable skill and craftsmanship. Each detail has been painstakingly carved, sanded, and polished, resulting in a sculpture that is both beautiful and durable.

Inspired by the native plant life of his region, 'Floral Whirl' celebrates nature, capturing its essence in all its wonder and beauty. Its abstract form invites interpretation, allowing viewers to experience the sculpture in their own unique way.

As one of our large garden statues, 'Floral Whirl' would make a striking addition to any outdoor space. Its presence is commanding, and its beauty undeniable. Whether displayed in a garden or on a terrace, this sculpture is sure to be a memorable centerpiece.

Invest in a piece of art that is as timeless as it is beautiful. Come and experience the wonder of 'Floral Whirl' for yourself today.

For our large-scale African stone sculptures, African Masters of Stone offers:

  • In-person appointments
  • Safe personalized delivery
  • Installation
  • Follow-up care

Book an Appointment Today!

We are pleased to offer a unique opportunity: book an appointment, and we will bring 'Floral Whirl' directly to you. See this magnificent sculpture in situ, within the context of your own outdoor space, ensuring it perfectly complements your garden or terrace.

While depictions in African stone sculptures may repeat, the patterns in the green Leopard Stone cannot be replicated, making each large garden statue unique. The artist carves the stone using a diamond-tipped chisel, then sands it for hours through varying degrees of sandpaper until smooth. The sculpture is heated, polished, and buffered, resulting in a wonderfully tactile surface, almost irresistible to touch.

Enquire today on 0800 772 3253 or get in touch by email.

John Chewa, one of our leading Shona artists, currently resides in Chitungwiza on the outskirts of Harare. We have been displaying his works for several years, having built a consistent and reliable working relationship.

  • Height 110cm                                                                                                   Width 63cm                                                                                                     Depth  31cm                                                                                                  Weight120kg                                                                                                  Stone Green Serpentine


    Option One. We understand it can be difficult to get a sense of perspective  and being able to visualise how the sculpture will look in your garden. (You may have several ideas of where it would fit). Many of our customers have benefited from a personal appointment. There is nothing like sensing the sculptures in person. That way you can be certain that the sculpture is right for you. Enquire today on 0800 77232 53 or get in touch by email. Option 2 Your shipping fees are calculated in the checkout. For UK garden sculpture destinations, we charge a flat rate of £150 which includes delivery & installation.


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