Kudzanai Dambaza

  • “Flow” is an incredible small garden sculpture from Kudzanai Dambaza. Kudzanai creates modern fluid forms, inspired by the plant life in the environment in which he grew up. The effortless flow and proportionate shapes which characterise Kudzanai's style is prominent in this creation. This is a real statement piece which will provide an unmissable focal point. Ideal for that special place, that will help you complete your garden. (Click on the dimensions tab above for sculpture dimensions)

    Tactile Green Serpentine is the choice of stone for this stunning garden ornament. Kudzanai lives in the are of Guruve and sources the many of stones from the surrounding hills where he lives. This particular stone is extremely hard but when polished reveals the amazing dark and light greens within the stone. As with all our sculptures, this piece is unique since it is impossible to replicate the patterns found within the stone.

    Process  Kudzanai uses a diamond tipped chisel to carve the general shape form. Using a rasp he then continues to uncover the subject matter from within the stone. Once the majority of the from is revealed he then begins the unenviable task of sanding. Starting with coarse sand paper he wet and dry sands all the way through and up to 2500 grade sand paper. This produces the most tactile surface achievable. He then proceeds to heat the stone and apply polish which is absorbed by the open pores of the stone. Once it has cooled (usually overnight) he then begins to shine the stone by cloth through arduous buffering. The lasting effect, being one that causes the stone to shine and feels amazing to the touch.

    Maintaining Your Garden Sculpture This is surprisingly simple. Every two to three years simply take bees wax and apply on a hot summer’s day with a cloth (when the stone is hot, almost too hot to touch!). Allow for the stone to cool overnight. Then take a jade cloth and simply buffer the stone, until it shines. This is easily achievable by yourself, but if time is not your friend call us, and book in a maintenance appointment.

    Garden Sculpture Installation We provide a full installation service involving delivery, drilling and fitting your sculpture to one of our plinths. We fit a bracket into the plinth. We drill the garden statue and and then apply a concrete resin to secure the sculpture to the plinth. This not only enhances your enjoyment and view of the sculpture being raised on a plinth but it also acts as a deterrent to theft and protection from being damage. Call us today to discuss 0800 772 3253.

  • Kudzanai Dambaza is one of our leading artists. Living in the region of Guruve in the north of Zimababwe, Kudzanai has chosen to remain true to his roots living only a short distance from the Great Dyke and Tengenenge, the area from which Shona sculpture originated. Shying away from the mainstream selling avenues, Kudzanai chooses to remain from where he grew up being inspired by his family and the environment in which his art grew.

  • Height: 30cm 

    Width: 40cm

    Depth: 20cm

    Weight: 10kg 

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