Love Birds

Agripa Chitanda


  • Step into the realm of wonder with our Fruit Serpentine Stone Sculpture! Crafted by skilled hands, this tactile masterpiece boasts unparalleled quality. Feel the smoothness of the stone, a testament to its exceptional hardness. Marvel at the artistry as diamond-tipped chisels bring form to life. Through meticulous sanding, from coarse to fine, the sculpture's true essence emerges. Then, witness the magic as heat meets stone, melding polish into its very pores. Buffed to perfection, it reveals a kaleidoscope of colors, inviting your touch to explore its delightful surface. A testament to craftsmanship, it's a treasure that beckons both eye and hand.

  • ABOUT THE ARTISTS:  Prosper Dambaza was born and raised into a family sculptures. Originally from Guruve near Tengenenge Prospers work is now becoming highly acclaimed. 

  • Height: 39cm

    Width: 14cm

    Depth: 7cm

    Weight: 4kg

    Stone: Fruit Serpentine

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